Creative Show Branding 2021 - GRD Studen



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Hello there, I am Adam Brand, a young enthusiastic, bright, talented graphic designer full of charisma described by my peers and tutors. I look forward to any project/brief put in front of me and look forward to showing off my design talents especially with typography. I feel as though typography is my strongest area of design along with countless other areas. However, I have always improved on my weaker skills and become a better designer in the end. What I look forward to the most about the design industry is working with other talented designers, being able to bounce ideas off one another and being able to show my ideas and designs to board members and have my work out in the public for the world to see. My work is simplistic yet effective enough to catch the eye and gain the attention of fellow designers and the general public. I feel as though to me personally being able to have your work draw attention so easily as a designer is not just impressive but something to be proud of and that is what spurs me on to do more in this industry.

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