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Wedge’s Final Major Project is a narrative animation set in the northern hemisphere. The animation explores mental health, specifically anxiety, and some of the negative coping methods we develop. The main character is a nervous young hare who is suffering because of her anxiety. Her initial reaction is to try to run away from her problems and in doing so she meets someone who tries to help her.

 The hare chooses to follow the advice given and realises that you cannot outrun your problems and that it is okay to ask for help. Now knowing that the best coping method involves being kind to yourself the hare sees the light at the end of the tunnel and returns home.

The animation is a short emotive piece based on personal experience and features a cast that all have some experience of mental health issues and their importance.

Wedge is twenty-two years old and an animator and illustrator based on the south coast. Well known for their animal illustrations they produce work in various mediums including water colour, inks, markers and digital production methods. Their love of animation developed at a young age and with it came a talent for storytelling and illustration.

 Their art mainly focuses on a strong narrative using character development and expression to tell complex and personal stories that the audience can identify and empathise with. A natural love for animals has led to these stories being expressed through animal characters as this also makes the issues more accessible also lending variety to the stories and creating immersive new worlds.

They hope to get their final animation featured at some of the UK’s animation festivals with their final goal to either work for Pixar animation studios within their animation and story-departments or become a self-employed animator working on a range of projects for different studios.

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