Creative Show Branding 2021 - GRD Studen


I am Craig Palethorpe, multi-faceted, over worked, under-hyped minimalist designer.

I have been in industry for over 12 years, and University was late on for me, but something which was an itch I could finally scratch.

In my time at university, I have picked up new things or expanded on current knowledge and skill sets to define my design style and the design brand I have created.

My Final Major Project, played to my strengths of design, marketing, retail background and minimalist style of design. The end result, an actual exit velocity brand and product that is an entire business venture, that is and has been growing ever since.

My journey has been fluid, occasionally frustrating, but enjoyable and now that University is finished, my next steps are already planned and set, being On The Edge, certainly helps a lot, but the future is certainly bright and very busy.

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