Creative Show Branding 2021 - GRD Studen


My name is Katie Palethorpe and I would describe myself as a simplistic designer with a firm love of repeat patterns.  I have a unique edge in that I have two loves, one being graphic design and the other being fashion.  My portfolio is a blend of graphics into fashion and my edge is that I have the knowledge to both design fashion pieces, graphic design pieces and merge the two. I love simplicity but also intricacy.  I love the bold and also the soft.  I work hard every day to try where possible to combine these two loves and have worked hard over my degree to finely tune the areas of design needed which, has in turn, developed me into a better

all-round designer.  My love for these two areas will continue to grow and blossom as hopefully does my career.

Creative Show Branding 2021 - Footer Squ