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I’m a creative, energetic, and innovative graphic designer, the enthusiasm for fresh and original design combined with high attention to customer requirements has created an impressive product portfolio. An experienced graphic artist and designer with 4 years of experience in applying technology and creativity to various client projects. Collaborate effectively with art, project production and administrative leaders to complete tasks according to a budget and schedule goals. A meticulous approach ensures that each project is carefully planned from creation to final delivery. A strong communicator, able to effectively establish contact with customers to determine marketing and design visions, define the scope of work and establish budget and deliverable schedules.

Tuning Minds is a charity designed to help people with their mental health via learning to play an instrument be it new or old to benefit their mental stability as well as meeting new people and having fun!


As a Graphic Designer and Musician, I have decided to base my Major Project Theme around “Music” more specifically into getting people to start playing an instrument of some kind and within a group of people as well as 1-1 tuition services for learning. This is due to the fact that it is vital to balance the mental health of others, and this can be achieved by learning something new, in this case it is learning how to play a new instrument and to enjoy the benefits of it as well as playing and listening to music/instruments.

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