Creative Show Branding 2021 - ANI Studen

Erin Dean


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KENA is a fantasy series created with the intention of future animation and features five characters, all with the power to wield the magical elements of fire, water, air, earth, and electricity. The story follows the main character Kena who was wrongfully exiled from their kingdom and has to find their way back home. On their journey they meet Samira, Amée, Seojun, and Ellis, all drawn together by a sense of belonging and acceptance for who they are. The series explores themes of identity, self love, found family, and having the courage to do the right thing over the easy thing.


The project’s goal was to create pre-production work for the series, including world building, character design, story writing, and story boarding, all with the aim to assemble an art book illustrating the world of Kena and their fantastical adventure ahead.


Erin is a freelance illustrator with years of experience selling his artwork at events and producing commission work for clients. From autobiographical zines about his experiences as a transgender man, to fictional worlds filled with magic and wonder, Erin aspires to be a comic artist and animator with a focus on telling gripping, emotional and impactful stories.

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