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Jennifer's final major project was to create a concept art book for the first episode of an animation series based within a medieval steampunk world named Mechna. The book consists of the main five character's one being the main character of Luna Evermore. Who is trapped within her nightmare when Micheal and Milly are wondering where she is. The two go to her home to find that Luna is in trouble and Damien is making things worse; the characters must go against him to conquer their issues so that they can save Luna from hers. The book also has two other characters based around two of the seven deadly sins and are the parents of two of the main characters within the cast of the main five characters. There are other elements within the book like monster designs, maps, props, and backgrounds of the world that the characters live in.


Jennifer Anderton is a British illustrator, and character designer who enjoys creating fun, goofy characters with bright colour schemes. She likes creating stories about demons, angels and other beings within a dream or nightmarish world. Jennifer has been developing her skills in illustration and design through her journey within her academic studies. She then intends to pursue her career as a character designer and illustrator once she graduated from university. Jennifer has done this by developing her designs and illustrations further for her portfolio, which will aid her in reaching her objective. She is also interested in looking for an agency to help her find different clients; she can help with designing characters or illustrating different pieces of art for a variety of clients, as this is something that she enjoys doing all the time. However, her dream is to work as a freelance artist in the future, making her projects.

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