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Leon has created a short story that follows a weathered, young man named Noah Nixon, surviving in a dystopian future after the rich company of ‘COSMEX’ sends his life in a new direction following the discovery of a young girl. The world is riddled with viruses, hostile A.I.-beings, and desolation. After the recent events of his father, Ned, passing, Noah is left with nothing but himself and his bike. Whilst cremating his father atop a mountain, per his last request, he is interrupted by androids snooping around his motorbike. After Noah has put an end to the commotion, a young girl is discovered by his bike and she lets him know that she is evading capture by COSMEX as she is an experiment on the loose. She also manages to reveal that she was looked after by Ned Nixon, Noah’s father, during his employment at the company, but after discovering their evil schemes, he was fired, and his memory was wiped of the discovery he made. Before she is captured, she lends her power to him as she cannot physically use them before the age of 16. As she is taken away, Noah struggles to harness his new found powers and the girl is taken to the company CEO, Curtis Cosmex. Noah then heads home and plans how he will save his sister.

I am Leon McCabe, a 21-year-old artist, specialising in character design, with a passion for comics, cartoons and illustration. When I was a child, I always wanted to be a palaeontologist, I was fascinated with dinosaurs and discovering their bones but as I grew older, I realised it was just a common obsession over dinosaurs like most kids have and I did not understand nor have the passion for what goes into becoming a palaeontologist, so I dropped the bones and picked up a pencil. I have always been infatuated with comics and cartoons, especially Marvel and their X-Men label, and I was the kid that enjoyed staying in when playtime was cancelled, I would just draw non-stop. I looked forward to getting home, reading a new Marvel adventure or experience it through a game on my PlayStation 2, and then later wind down by drawing everything I had just experienced. I never took that hobby too seriously as I figured I would not get anywhere, but as I got older, my skills improved, and I have constantly been working to improve my skills over a decade. Now I am aiming to start my own business providing quality, affordable art, that is fun, colourful and full of personality.

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