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Lina’s final major project is a children’s book both illustrated and written by her. It talks about a girl named Amelia who wishes to escape her mother’s and father’s constant nagging to her perfect dream world, where all wishes come true. It takes children through a journey of self-exploration and essential life lessons. She believes her story plays an important role during these difficult times where people had to stay in their homes to keep the ones they love safe. Lina also hopes that children who find themselves in the same place as Amelia’s, learn something valuable, the importance of family and that no matter how many pretty things that comes in life, nothing is as beautiful and as important as spending time with them.


A freelance illustrator who loves creating worlds through drawing. Worlds that children can have fun in but also learn a valuable lesson from. Lina believes in the power of the word, and that books are a powerful tool to build strong loving future generations. During her free time, Lina loves to dive into the world of doodling where she designs small intricate pieces that can have a great impact. She hopes to develop herself further in the future and be able to merge her skills both in design and children’s book illustration to create unique pieces that spark little minds attention. The final major project was the first step towards achieving her dream.

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