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This is a compilation of shorts that will be for a game, stitched together with sound and music to create one whole animation. This story it is about a young boy called Mori who has spent his life creating small models of rooms and places. Within the animation you see Mori working on a new project and as he goes along finding materials for each process he comes across his previous models he had created. With every model, he comes across it reveals an event that he remembers, that starts light-hearted then ends sadly. With every memory, he reveals the sadder the memory becomes as well as the more recent. The audience themselves learn that the events Mori is reminding himself are becoming more recent. Though throughout the animation the character does not display violent acts they are about to commit one or so it seems he is about to.


Shania Knott as goes by the name of Shan.ajart is a 22 year old illustrator character artist and is now in their final yeah of University studying Animation and Illustration BA. Working mainly digitally creating characters and designing character for both themself but mainly others, such as the people they meet working freelance, which is what they do in their spare time. The character they have have designed are for those who use them for DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) as well as currently designing characters  for an ARPG (action role play game)  indie game. The style they generally work in ranges from semi realism to anime and then to cartoon. With these set of skill and different they aspire to become an artist for video games and up coming game whether that be indie or well known in the market with other people within the studio with the same passion and appreciate the creation of video games.

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